Healthcare Power of Attorney In Hudson, Wisconsin

A properly drafted health care power of attorney can often avoid the need for a guardianship proceeding upon the incapacity of the principal. This can be a welcome gift to your loved ones in the event of an accident or health crisis. Contact Attorney Stephen Kosa today to discuss your healthcare power of attorney needs.

What is a Health Care Power of Attorney

A Health Care Power of Attorney is a document that allows you, as the principal, to designate an agent to make certain health care decisions for you if you become physically or mentally unable to make such decisions on your own behalf.

What Tasks Can a Principal Authorize with a Healthcare Power of Attorney?

A principal may authorize an agent to perform various acts such as obtaining medical health information and records, employing and discharging health care providers and organizations, and consenting to (or withholding) certain health care or medical treatment. Designating a health care agent and deciding what authority to grant to the agent are extremely important decisions, and care should be taken to ensure that the document is drafted to fit the principal’s foreseeable and unforeseeable needs.