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What You Need to Know About Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney document permits the recipient—usually a trusted relative or friend—to exercise specific financial or medical decisions on your behalf. While you can find sample power of attorney (POA) forms online, it is in your best interests to work with an estate planning lawyer who can help you tailor the documents to your specific situation and wishes.

How a Power of Attorney Works

Comprehensive power of attorney documents cover financial and healthcare decisions. They grant certain powers to the person you designate as your agent, who will manage specific financial matters or make medical decisions on your behalf if you become too sick to manage these matters and make decisions for yourself. A living will specifies your medical treatment and end-of-life preferences if you become unable to state those preferences due to an illness or accident. Continue reading

Planning for Your Pets After You Pass: What You Need to Know

Dog PicLegacies for companion animals have made the news many times in recent years, from the $12 Million that hotel mogul Leona Helmsley tried to leave her Maltese terrier in 2007, to the full range of support that Joan Rivers left her four dogs. While it is not often that you can pull solid life lessons from the tabloids, these stories offer great advice and guidance. They show how common it is becoming for owners to plan for the care of their pets in their estate plans.  Keep reading to determine how you can apply their experiences to support your pet.

The Best Way to Protect Your Pet: The Pet Trust

In 2013, Wisconsin law added a provision allowing for the creation of trusts for the care of animals. This pet trust provides for ongoing payments to the named caregiver, along with specific care instructions that must be followed. Each trust includes as little or as much information as you wish, including: Continue reading